Fink broker

empowering transient science in the big data era

Fink is a community and a broker that will harnesses the power of transients detected in the upcoming Vera C. Rubin Observatory. We have been selected as community broker to receive and process all transients detected by Rubin Observatory. We will enrich them with multi-wavelength and messenger data. Fink is designed for fast and efficient analysis of big data and uses state-of-the-art technologies as machine-learning and distributed computing to enable broad research. From the million candidates that Rubin will detect every night, Fink will select the most promising for different science cases and communicate them in real-time to follow-up and research teams.

We are already deployed processing ZTF II public alert stream that you can access in our science portal Our architecture and first science results with ZTF have been published in Möller, Peloton, Ishida et al. 2020.

It is the coolest broker ever, powered by Apache Spark.