Rubin LSST

world's largest optical survey

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory will be in the next decade the largest optical survey in the world! Rubin will scan the entire Southern Sky at unprecedented depths and resolution for 10 years, detecting up to 10 million transients per night.

I am co-founder of a Rubin community broker called Fink that will process all potential transients from the LSST survey.

Asides from this, I am working to obtain precision constraints of the effect of dark energy using type Ia supernovae at the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC LSST). I am also interested in exploring the diversity of transient events and study them with multi-wavelength and messenger data at the Transients and Variable Star Collaboration (TVS LSST). Of course, machine learning and novel analysis methods is a big part of my research and I am a member of the Informatics and Statistics Science Collaboration for LSST

The biggest optical survey ever, coming live soon !